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Ryan Cullmann
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
About me:

Height: 6'1" or 1.85m tall.
Eye color: Green and Blue.
Hair color: Dark Brown.
I'm Canadian but my background is German and Portuguese.
German on my Father's side, Portuguese on my Mother's side.
I speak English, German and Portuguese.
My first language is English and is my strongest.
Feel free to talk to me in any of these languages.
Canadian English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Stamp: German Language Expert by MafiaVamp Portuguese language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
About my art:

I used to have an account on DA under the username ryancullmann.
I am a Traditional artist.
I sometimes do Photography and Digital art.
I usually draw Anime, Marvel, Dinosaurs/Animals and OC's.
I use Graphite pencils, Colored pencils and felt tip Fineliners/Markers to draw.

Drawing is my hobby as I work in Construction for a living. Any Faves, Comments and Badges are Greatly Appreciated! :D:D Oh and I'm always up for making new friends :). Feel free to message me anytime ;) I hope you enjoy my art everyone!
So i decided to focus more on making some new Original Characters and expand on already existing ones as well. You can expect to see more Battle Dragon's for sure and maybe even a Guardian of the Forest reboot iv'e been considering that particular one for some time now. Also i'm gonna try my hand at some OC Girls they're just fun to draw and i had fun drawing the only girl in my gallery Erza Scarlet, i know pretty lame right. It'll give me a chance to use my new art supplies to the fullest with vibrant outfits and such with OC girls. Please be sure to check out my deviations to come and thanks to all those who support me with comments and favs and just generally being awesome people, i really appreciate it more than you guys know :) Thanks friends!


Shall We Go Hisashi?-OC's Gekko Sato/Hisashi Inoue
Introducing Gekko Sato (Left) and Hisashi Inoue (Right) Clap Clap 

I used an H2B pencil, a Fine-liner and Colored pencils. Took me about 6 hours to design and line it and about 8 hours to color it.

If you haven't seen the previous Deviations that are connected to this one here they are in order in the links directly below:…………

Now to the story:) (Smile) 

If you recall before Kaori works for a man named Sato, well the blonde haired suited man is him, "Gekko Sato!"
He is the most influential business man in the country and is the President, Founder and Owner of the biggest tech corporation around "Sato Tech". He supplies the Industries, and Military of the country with the latest technology. (As well as other interested parties:shifty:)
Whilst he is away, Kaori is left in charge of company matters for a while.

Which brings us to who is the man accompanying him??? Well if you guessed Hayato's father you were correct!;) (Wink) 
"Hisashi Inoue" as previously mentioned in preceding story development is currently the Emperor's Chief Adviser but that's not all!:o (Eek) 
He moonlights as Sato's "Right hand man":shifty: Of this the Emperor currently knows nothing about, neither does Hayato.
In the night Hisashi meets up with Sato to discuss the latest intel on the Capital as well as other things. 

But just how did Sato and Hisashi meet?
Hisashi was approached by Sato at the funeral for his wife who was killed by "Hoseki Ninja"in an attack on the Capital about 17 years ago. Hayato has no recollection of his mother as he was barely 1 year old at the time of the incident. 

The Hoseki are the people who reside in the "Hoseki Forest" (Gem Forest) which is situated not too far outside Daiyamondo City.
Peace has been made between the two sides since then as it was a rogue group of Ninja who attacked the Capital about 17 years ago but their's still bad blood between living remnants of the two sides. If you remember Kaori and Akiko are part of the Hoseki and Akiko is currently training to become a Ninja in the Hoseki Forest with her people.

Which brings us back to Sato and Hisashi's relationship. Sato approached Hisashi with the prospect of revenge on the Hoseki people as well as the promise of peaceful and abundant means for him and his infant son Hayato in exchange for becoming his spy in the chain of command of the Capital. Maybe not his best decision but an obviously still distraught Hisashi said: I'll do itWaaaah!  Fueled by rage he only had one thing on his mind "Revenge!"Rage Sato replied: Excellent! Then it's a deal then:D (Big Grin)  Since that day Hisashi with the help of Sato has worked his way up the chain of command until finally for the last 5 years Hisashi has become the Emperor's most trusted adviser and the 2nd most powerful man in the whole country.

While all this was going on for the past 17 years Sato has been steadily growing his company, connections, and resources by any means necessary into the power house that it is now to a point where most of Daiyamondo City would stop functioning were he to shut down business. Just what is his motivation? Well he want's to be the most powerful man in the country and won't stop until he has absolute control of it. Sato would rather see a country run by an elected man than a "Hierarchy" and their's one efficient way to do that. You see the Emperor has no current children as the result of his inability to produce an heir so there are no current heirs to the throne and he has yet to select a successor. Were he to die before selecting one the new ruler of the country would be the result of an election and who else better to elect than the man everyone reveres as one of this countries real pioneers, "Gekko Sato!" The only catch is you must be 40 years old by law to start a new Imperial line if you are not born into it or selected by a current Emperor. Sato is 39 years old and will be 40 in 6 months!!!:o (Eek)  

When elected Sato has promised Hisashi to declare all inhabitants of the Hoseki Forest enemies of the Capital and to be thrown into jail for crimes against the Capital and any resistance would be considered an act of war. 

Currently 39 years old also, lately Hisashi has been having second thoughts as he knows he would likely be the successor to the throne the emperor chooses at the same time though he also knows to cross Sato would mean death for him and his boy. 

How will Hisashi choose his next move and will Sato be allowed his seemingly peaceful ascension to the top or will he have to get a little more dirty to realize his aspirations? Is it too late for Hisashi to have a choice? Find out in the next installment!:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  

What do you guys think of these story developments?Wink/Razz Please let me know in the comments:) (Smile)  Any Favs, Comments, Badges, And Watches are greatly appreciated! You guys are the best stay awesome and thank you so much for you're continued support!;) (Wink) Hug  

Imperial Guard (OC Boy Hayato Inoue)
Sorry for the wait but I've finally continued my OC story line:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  

Previous deviations that go along with this:………

If you haven't already checked out these aforementioned deviations, please check them out or you'll be totally lostWink/Razz
I used an H2B Graphite Pencil, Colored Pencils and a Pilot Fine-liner. Took me about 12 hours to design and about 6 to Color and Shade it.

This is Hayato Inoue. He's 18 years old and if you recall Kaori couldn't wait to see someone again, well that was him:) (Smile) 
Also why do Hayato and Kaori have the same last name? Well if you guessed they're married, you were right!;) (Wink)

Now to Hayato's back story.
He also went to Daiyamondo Prep School with Kaori and Chihiro. He's also originally from Daiyamondo City.
He is the son of the Emperor's Chief adviser and as such has been groomed for a high Political/Defense position for his whole life.

Hayato and Kaori both knew when they first met each other they wanted to be together forever.
They never formally dated but throughout their junior and senior years they'd often tease each other and hang out after school with Chihiro and other friends. On graduation day Hayato boldly proposed to Kaori. Surprised at first Kaori got all red in the face but she wasn't gonna fight her feelings anymore, she knew he was the one all along for her. Kaori said: Yes! But did you really have to propose to me in front of everyone, ya dummyBlush Hayato sweetly replied: Oh my bad was that something wrong?Blush Then they embraced Huggle! because they knew it would be a while before they could see each other again.

Whilst Kaori is currently the right hand lady for Mr. Sato of Sato Tech, Hayato was placed at the Capital where he has been put on the Emperor's "Elite Imperial Guard". The Imperial Guard are a special task force distinctly mandated with only one task and that is to protect the Capital and it's face the Emperor. Each member is personally chosen by the Emperor. The capital houses the main military force and is where all the Country's  politicians, people of influence, and of course Hayato's Father and the Emperor reside. 

Each member of the Imperial Guard must swear an oath of allegiance to the Emperor and obey any and all orders without question. Any act in contrary to this would be seen as treason and the penalty for that is death. Another part of the oath is that marriage is forbidden while in servitude. Which is the reason why neither Hayato or Kaori wear wedding rings. Hayato's wedding was not made public as the only three in attendance and that know if it were Hayato, Kaori and Chihiro. If you recall Chihiro is currently studying Medicine in America and is of no threat to give up this grave secret while currently abroad. If the Emperor were to find out of the marriage Hayato would be cast off and would never be allowed to enter the Capital again.  

Two months later Hayato has not disappointed and has keenly caught the Emperor's eye as someone of great talent and potential.

When will Kaori see Hayato again? Stay tuned to find out!;) (Wink)

What do think of my story so far???:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) Please let me know in the comments!:) (Smile)  Any Faves, Comments, Badges, and Watches are greatly appreciated, as always i really am thankful for your continued support guys!Hug Stay awesome!!!Clap Clap



From Me and Goten: Thanks!
I know it's not much but i really appreciate all you guys do for me, especially my watchers and friends, thanks so much you guys!Hug 
Sorry i haven't drawn that much lately, been really busyI think I've fainted. but i'll get right on continuing my OC story lines.;) (Wink) 
Took me about 3 hours to do this, not my best work but i hope you like it! Let me know in the comments.:) (Smile)   
Battle Dragon 3
My OC Battle Dragon, you can call it Battle Dragon species 3 or Battle Dragon 3. Took me about half a day to design and ink and then like 6 hours to colour and shade. I used Colored pencils, an HB2 pencil and a Pilot Fineliner. If you haven't seen the previous 2 here you go:……

Hope you guys love it!:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) Please let me know in the comments:) (Smile) 
Meet The Artist
I've seen a lot of people make these lately so i figured why not it's a good way for my Watchers to learn a little more about me:) (Smile)  
Maybe we have something in common, i'd love to chat about this in the comments and maybe learn a little bit about you guys too:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  


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